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Hi. I'm Courtney. I'm 23 years old. I love asian culture. I believe that people can love anyone they want to no matter race/sex/religion or anything else that may get in the way. If you have anything you want to know go ahead and ask away. (I do not claim to own any of the pictures I use unless stated otherwise.)
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it’s been a long time since i’ve watched any korean dramas so you guys should recommend me some. which ones should i check out?

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Ain't Nobody by HA:TFELT (Ye-Eun)

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5x10 by Arashi

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Hamamatsucho, Tokyo, 2012 by Shin Noguchi on Flickr.

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great ramen king by Xax on Flickr.

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Pachinko by sebastien banuls on Flickr.

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